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What Goes Into a Property Assessment

We love helping buyers understand what they are actually buying!!!

Everyone knows that not all properties are created equally, but more often than not they can't tell you what makes a good property or what stats and figures should help guide their decisions. That's why we produce our detailed property assessments for each of our buyers.

Our proprietary in-depth assessments allow our clients to make informed decisions when acquiring their property investments. They include in-valuable research and analysis on the following points:

1. Property Description & Identification: Knowing your property is the first step in understanding it’s potential and whether it is over or underperforming.

2. Local Market Analysis: Researching the area and its local supply and demand will give you an insight into the prevailing market conditions.

3. Comparative Market Analysis: We dig deep to find the most comparable properties possible to provide a reliable and trustworthy appraisal. This is done both for a value appraisal and rental appraisal. This appraisal also helps us to identify a potential land-to-asset ratio, an important factor in our analysis.

4. Financial Feasibility: Outlining regular costs associated with owning an investment property can help you plan for expenses in the future. We also conduct sensitivity analysis to show your varying returns when considering rents achieved and vacancy rates. Furthermore, we provide a detailed cash-flow analysis to help you see review your estimated cash position each year while also accounting for potential capital growth rates.

5. Historical Performance: We identify how the suburb has performed in comparison to the rest of the Brisbane Market over the past 5 & 10 Years.

6. Local Demographics: We identify the local demographics so that trends are easily identifiable.

7. Analysis Review: We further assess 54 criteria to grade the properties features and reliability.

8. Value Add Potential: We identify aspects of the property that provide the potential to add

value to the asset.

When making some of the biggest investment decisions of your life you should be educated and informed, and we love passing this knowledge along! Looking at buying a property, or have already found the one and want a second opinion? We can help!

Whether you already own property or you’re looking at buying your next home or investment property here’s 3 ways, we can help you:

  1. Strategic property advice – Allow us to build a Strategic Property Plan tailored for you and your family. Planning brings the future into the present so you can do something about it! This will give you clarity, direction, results and more certainty. Click here to find out more

  2. Buyer’s agency –Our highly skilled and trained on the ground team in South East Queensland brings you years of experience and perspective. We’ll help you find your next home or investment property. Click here to find out more

  3. Property Management – Our stress-free property management services help you maximise your property returns. As Qualified Property Investment Advisors, we will ensure you understand how your property is tracking from all aspects, value not matched in the market. Click here for your free rental appraisal and find out more.

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