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Investeps Property Complaints Handling Procedure



  1. This Complaints Handling Procedure applies to complaints received by Investeps Property concerning Investeps Property employees.


  1. A Complaint means any expression of dissatisfaction about an employee or the service provided by an employee, including any allegation that the employee has engaged in conduct in breach of the Code of PIPA or any relevant law or regulation.


  1. Capitalised terms are defined in clause 14.


2Informal resolution


  1. Wherever possible, complaints are best resolved informally by the people involved. It is expected that many complaints will be addressed and resolved between the Complainant and the relevant employee. In these circumstances no further action is required and it is not necessary for any action to be taken under this complaints handling process.


  1. If the Complainant is not satisfied with the service or response from the employee or is of the view that resolution is unlikely, the Complainant has the option to progress the matter through this complaints handling procedure. This procedure provides the formal structure to review and investigate unresolved complaints.


3Making a Complaint


  1. A Complaint about an employee should be made in writing to Investeps Property (either electronically or in hard copy):


  1. 36b Deviney Street, Morningside QLD 4170; or




  1. Where a Complaint is received via telephone, the Investeps Property Representative will ask the Complainant to submit a written Complaint. Where the Complainant refuses or is unable to provide a written complaint (for any reason, including a disability or language difficulty), the Investeps Property Representative will inform the Complainant that they will make a file note of the telephone discussion which will form the basis of the Complaint. Where practicable, the Investeps Property Representative will ask the Complainant to verify and sign the file note made of the Complaint.


  1. Complainants will not be charged any fee for submitting a Complaint.


  1. A Complaint should include the following details:


  1. Personal details for the Complainant: full name and contact address/phone number.


  1. Details for the Employee: full name of individual;


  1. Full details of the nature of the Complaint: full details of the conduct/circumstances which form the basis for the complaint. The Complainant should provide all documentary material that supports the Complaint;



  1. Details of any contact made with the Employee to seek to resolve the Complaint and the outcome of any such contact; and


  1. Details of the outcome that the Complainant ideally wishes to achieve.


  1. The Complainant can request that his/her personal details not be disclosed to the Employee. The personal details of the Complainant will only be used where required for the purpose of addressing the Complaint and will not otherwise be disclosed unless expressly consented to by the Complainant.


  1. Anonymous Complaints will be investigated where sufficient detail is provided to substantiate a valid complaint. In these circumstances, however, any investigation may be affected by the inability to seek further information and details and no advice can be issued on outcomes to the Complainant.




  1. Investeps Property will use reasonable endeavours to action and/or resolve a Complaint within  twenty- two (22) Business Days from the date on which the Complaint is received by Investeps Property.


  1. The following timeframes will apply (from the date a Complaint is received):


  1. Written acknowledgement of the Complaint: 2 Business Days


  1. Preliminary Investigation: 5 Business Days


  1. Written notice of Preliminary Investigation outcome: 7 Business Days



  1. If a Complaint cannot be addressed in accordance with the timeframes set out in

clause 4.2 for any reason (including due to complexity of the Complaint, lack of information or special circumstances of the Complaint) the Conduct Officer will notify the Complainant and Employee as soon as reasonably practicable.


5Written acknowledgement of the Complaint


  1. The Investeps Property Representative will acknowledge the Complaint in writing by sending a letter to the Complainant and Employee within 2 Business Days of receipt of the Complaint.


  1. The written acknowledgement will set out:


  1. Investeps Property’s understanding of the Complaint;


  1. resolution timeframes; and


  1. an overview of the investigation and complaint handling process.




  1. The Investeps Property Representative will undertake a Investigation of the Complaint within 5 Business Days of receipt of the Complaint.


  1. The Representative will review the Complaint and make a determination as to whether there are reasonable grounds to proceed with a Full Investigation of the Complaint. A Full



Investigation of the Complaint will be conducted if the Complaint concerns conduct that may be in breach of the PIPA Code or any relevant law or regulation.


  1. The Representative may conduct the Investigation in the manner that it considers appropriate.


  1. Following the Investigation, the Representative will notify the Complainant and Employee in writing of its determination:


  1. Appropriate remedy presented; or

  2. Complaint to proceed to PIPA; or


  1. Complaint has been reviewed and will be closed as no further action required.



7Dissatisfaction with Investigation determination


  1. Following the determination of the Investigation, the Complainant and the Employee are entitled to communicate any dissatisfaction that they may have in relation to the findings of fact, the investigation outcomes or the process that was applied. Any dissatisfaction communication must be sent to PIPA.




  1. Investeps Property will keep the nature of the Complaint and all information supplied as confidential as possible during the investigation process, having regard to the rights of all involved in the process. There may be circumstances where full confidentiality cannot be maintained and information may have to be disclosed.




  1. The Complainant and the Employee are entitled to engage external bodies to provide advice and assistance in relation to the formulation, lodgement, response, hearing and determination of the Complaint.


  1. This complaint handing procedure does not apply where the substance of the Complaint should be, or is being, dealt with under a separate process, or for matters where there is a legal remedy or a formal right of appeal or review. This includes matters where there is access to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal or legislated appeal and review rights.



10Changes to this Policy


  1. Investeps Property  reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to amend this complaint handling procedure from time to time as it considers necessary.


  1. Investeps Property   will periodically review the procedure to ensure it remains effective and relevant to the workplace.


  1. This Policy is dated: 20th July 2020.




  1. The following defined terms apply:


  1. Code means the PIPA Voluntary Code of Conduct (as amended from time to time);


  1. Complainant means the person making the Complaint and includes:


  1. a client or prospective client of a Member;


  1. a regulatory or other statutory body;


  1. a member of the public;


  1. an employee of the Member; or


  1. any other person.


  1. Representative means a member of Investeps property who is responsible for:


  1. ensuring that all Complaints are handled in accordance with the Complaints Handling Procedure; and


  1. PIPA means the Property Investment Professionals of Australia;


  1. Investigation means an investigation of the Complainant undertaken by the Representative

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